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Ангары и каркасно-тентовые конструкции
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The household module consists of: - Frame made of profile pipes. - The floor is insulated with mineral wool with a thickness of 160 mm. From the inner side lined with steel sheet of 3mm and a 1mm stainless steel sheet with lentil corrugation. From outside, the sheet thickness of 2 mm. also, the module installed in the floor stacks for discharging wastewater, which are made of stainless steel. - Walls made of sandwich panels of thickness 60mm. Ceiling on the inner side trimmed with painted profiled sheet and insulated with URSA slab of 100 mm thickness. The roof is flat. - Doors to the entrance of the working staff is made of sandwich panels. Package contents: - Wardrobe-dressing room 5 offices - Bench - The table for meals - Shower - Water heater - Toilet Sink Our equipment is certified according to the standards of the Customs Union and the Russian Federation (Certificate of conformity № ROSS RU. MH08. H27530)