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The company "Agropromsnab" produces for the Russian market of agricultural machinery Cultivator-mounted rastenijami KRN-5,6(8х70), designed for inter-row cultivation (including feeding) of corn, sunflower and other tall-stalked crops with aisle width of 70 cm On customer request, equipped with protective disks, fertilizer feeding apparatus (ATP) and (or) equipment for liquid complex fertilizers (HCS), a transport device, odnobrusna or dvukhsloinoi frame. advantages (features) cultivator KRN-5,6 our production Linkage to tractor: The cultivator is equipped with three-point linkage, providing a more reliable joining of the cultivator to the tractor. In the middle part of the frame of the cultivator is reinforced with additional lumber. Design parallelogrammic mechanism sections: - Clips are installed spherical bearings, provided for lubrication using a grease gun. - Double protection against dust and dirt (cap and sealing rubber ring). - In cartridges installed the axle, made by machining, fixed thereto on both sides the traction plates. These features allow to increase the service life of parallelogrammic mechanism without repair and guarantee a constant width of the protective zone. Jockey wheel section - Fitted jockey wheel is 300x100 so that you can better replicate soil regardless of the moisture content. In the wheel hub mounted bearing 180 204. Fastening of the working bodies on the section - Working bodies mounted on rectangular tube 60*40mm, which guarantees reliability of fastening and the quality of the execution of the process. A feeding device for introduction of bulk fertilizers (customized option) - Dosing of fertilizer flow from the hopper to tokoprovodu is a coil made of polyamide, which allows to maintain the uniformity of flow, accuracy rate, and eliminates spontaneous precipitation of fertilizers at the idle mechanism. - Equipment for liquid complex fertilizers (dopolnitelnaya at the request of the client). Device for band application of herbicides and Kasov (optional according to customer). Specifications cultivator-mounted rastenijami KRN-5,6 (8х70) Aggregation method hinged Productivity per 1 hour of basic time, ha/h to 5.6 Working speed, km/h, up to 10 Working width, m 5,6 The depth of tillage, cm 6-10 Weight, kg 1300 Aggregated with tractor of class 1,4 s. Overall dimensions, mm, not more In working position: length/width/height 1590/6500/1615 In transport position: length/width/высота12280/2240/1725 Delivery to farm regions Price and the manufacturer's warranty. System of discounts. Cultivator-sprayer KOU universal, cultivator sprayer KOUP, Lidaagromash, Mazrimas, tekhmash, row crop cultivator, tape the application of Cam, housing services, COE-4 COE-6 COE-8, Hiller.