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Good time of day. Our website: http://oilsunflower.ru/ Our phone: +7-918-46-99-305 We offer sunflower oil of the premium class extraction method (pressing) in bulk from the manufacturer. For six years our oil, we supply to Japan, China and other countries. Sunflower oil, deodorized and nerafinirovannoye offer both bottled (0,5; 1; 2; 3 and 5 liters) and in bulk, and also offer cold pressed oil (glass - 0.5 liter - cost-85 rubles.), deodorized corn oil ( 1 liter PET) - cost $ 90 The shelf life of deodorized oil - 18 months, refined - 12 months. Shipping up to 1500 km from city of Krasnodar - FREE (their own branded fleet of vehicles), over 1,500 km of shipping transport companies at Your expense, delivery railway and road transport. Work with 100% prepayment. Prices at the factory: refined deodorized: - for 1 liter: 60 Euro (bottled) Export per 1 litre: 51 rubles MICEX (excluding VAT) unrefined: for 1 liter: 59 RUB with VAT (bottled) Exports - for 1 liter: 50 RUB. on the MICEX exchange rate (without VAT) Pressing sunflower oil in BULK crude: The price of the factory: 46 rubles with VAT - 1 kg exports and 41.8 per 1 kg at the rate of the MICEX Sincerely Manager of the company "Maruko", Novel Long phone: +7-918-46-99-305 (WeChat, WhatsApp, Viber) email: ooomamruko@mail.ru