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felt needle-punched equipment Main technical characteristics: - The net width of the final product after trimming: 2300 mm. - Capacity: 60-80kg/hour. - Density: 200 – 800 gr./m2 - Total power: 60 kW. - Area: 18 S. m. x 12 m. x 4 m. V. - Main raw materials: wool, sanitycheck fiber, - Number of operators per shift: 2 - 3 people. 3.Process: Baking powder The hopper drive Single cylinder carding machine destacker Medium-speed pre-needle machine (top) Medium speed main needle machine(bottom) Machine twisting and cutting Felt is widely used in the automotive industry, in furniture production, in construction. From it sew shoes, outerwear and headgear, carpets, decorative items and toys, bags and even jewelry. For each industry, the type of material are different. Features * environmentally friendly. Felt – completely environmentally friendly material, contains no toxic substances in its composition. Moreover, felt is able to absorb and partially neutralize fumes of formaldehyde, which makes it irreplaceable as an insulation material in residential construction; * the thermal conductivity. Sheep's wool has excellent thermal insulation properties, the felt, consisting of a large number of tightly coupled fibers wool is a unique insulation. It remarkably absorbs moisture and displays it, so the house in which the felt is used as insulation, will never be damp and with high humidity. Felt boots – the warmest winter boots. The feet in them will never freeze and will not get wet from the snow; * antibacterial. The blade does not infest pathogenic germs and fungi; * ease. For all its remarkable technical characteristics the material is also extremely light; * the wear resistance. Is resistant to abrasion, it is quite a long time does not lose its properties.