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Installation for extraction of cottonseed oil: is used where oil is extracted from oilseeds, such as soybean, sunflower, cottonseed, other oil seeds and oil cakes like mustard cake, groundnut and rice bran. Our equipment can make sure that the oil remaining in the cake may be less than 1%, and we provide this installation for the extraction of cottonseed oil in accordance with the requirements of the customers in accordance with market prices. Basic equipment for extraction of cottonseed oil solvent: 1. Oil extractor Oil extractor - the most important equipment used in the plant for the production of cottonseed oil. We have periodic oil continuous extractor and oil filter. Periodic oil extractor is used for extraction of sunflower oil. Conventional continuous oil extractor ring extractor, rotary extractor and drag chamber extractor, etc. 2. Machine for removal of solvent inside wet flour Discharged from the extractor, wet meal contains 25-35% solvent, in order to reuse the solvent and to obtain a good flour, using this machine to evaporate the solvent, usually a couple with a high layer. 3. Vaporizers blended oil Use megaeffektivnym evaporator for separating solvent and oil of different boiling point. Multifunctional evaporators include a first evaporator, the second evaporator and degassing column. After the first and second evaporators most of the solvent becomes gas with high temperature steam. Then remove the mixed oil to remove the residual solvent to get the residual crude oil with a low content of solvent. 4. Condensation and cooling of the solvent Gas solvents from the first and second evaporator does not contain water, can be recycled directly after cooling in the condenser. Gas solvents, from which the degassing column to remove the solvent mixes with the steam, it is necessary to divide the water dispenser after the capacitors.