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Пронина Елена Валерьевна
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Extruders for grain "ZHASKO" is well established in the production of extruded feed from crops. For example, wheat, barley, peas, corn, etc., and various mixtures of grains. These extruders can be processed into nutritious feed moldy and wet stale grain. In the process of the extruder kills all harmful micro-organisms contained in the feedstock (wet stale grain). Such models of extruders as PE 110, PE-180, PE-300, PE-370УШ performance in the range of 80-450 kg/h is ideal for farms and small livestock enterprises. The use of extruders for grain "ZHASKO" accelerates the fattening calves, pigs, rabbits and other farm animals, reduces mortality of young animals from gastrointestinal disorders. Practice shows that extruded feed is highly nutritious and sterile, easy to digest, have a pleasant taste. The customer is JSC "ZHASKO" can be sure that you will get quality equipment at an affordable price within the stipulated time frame. If necessary, the specialists of the company carry out commissioning, will provide service support and conduct staff training. To order the extruder follow the link: http://extrutec.ru/
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