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Kirovets K-701 with the engine after major repairs of YAMZ 240 300 HP The tractor is after a quality overhaul. Excellent, working condition. In the process of repairing the tractor was completely disassembled to the two floor frames. Providence overhaul of all nodes. - overhaul of engine (YAMZ-240, 300 HP) - -Overhaul transmission ( CAT ); The engine and transmission after repair been tested on special stands; 1) Fixing the front frame 2) repair the rear frame 3) Repair promotory (pipe joint) 4) Replacement of nozzles 5) Replacement high pressure hoses 6) Repair of hydraulic cylinders (4pcs) 7) Replacement of radiators 8) Repair of tap changer with the replacement NSH 9) Replace depr. mounting the engine and transmission 10) Repairing of cabin and cabin frame (obessmolivanie and insulation) 11) Repair of bridges 12) Repair of attachments 13) Replacement of electrical equipment and installation of a new battery 14) the Repair of the steering column, or install the steering metering 15) Replacement valve 16) Repair of cardans 17) Replacement of tyres + discs Upon completion of repairs, the tractor is tested and run-in quality assurance engineer . Separately can be installed additional equipment (air conditioning, additional heater, pre-heater, arc security, etc. You can also buy our tractors Kirovets after overhaul models: 700, 744.) The technique provides one year warranty without any limits on the achievements in the Moto/hours. Shipping to Russia by road or rail.