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Тракторы сельскохозяйственные
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The company "Technoservice" is a perennial leader in the restoration of agricultural wheeled tractors "kirovec" series K-700, K-701, K-744, after a major overhaul. Our production tractors work in many regions of the Russian Federation. Our company has powerful repair base, restoration of tractors is carried out in specialized workshops, which enables high-quality overhaul of all components and assemblies of the tractor. In the process of repairing the tractor is completely disassembled, down to the 2 half-frames, the whole process of disassembly and Assembly is carried out by qualified mechanics and engineers. Repaired the engines and transmission are tested on special stands. In the overhaul process we carried out the following activities: - overhaul of engines (YAMZ-240, 300 HP YAMZ-238 ND-3, 240 HP YAMZ-238 ND-5, 300 HP; JAMZ-7511 400 HP) -Capital repair and change gear ( transmission ); -The restoration of the half-frames The restoration of the cabins, noise isolation and insulation; - installed a new electrical system; - Installed new tires and wheels; - New hoses and hydraulic cylinders; - New bushings; - Restoration promotory (pipe joint); - Repair of bridges -Repair of batches -Repair of facing of the tractor, including welding and painting. After the release of tractor production, it runs in check and within 2 days, quality engineers . At the request of the buyer, there may be additional equipment (air conditioning, additional heater, pre-heater, arc security, etc. The technique provides one year warranty without any limits on the achievements in the Moto/hours. Has its own fleet of low-bed trucks for delivery of equipment throughout Russia and the CIS countries.