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2018-09-18 15:21:38

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обл Тульская
Тракторы сельскохозяйственные
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Our company is engaged in a major restoration of tractors MTZ 82.1 and MTZ-1221. The output is great working tractor with a 12 month warranty without limitation of work hours. In the process of repairing the tractor fully assembled and disassembled under the guidance . Carried out major repairs of all nodes. - Carried out major repairs of Engines and KPP - Restaurerede cabin, shumoizolyatsiya and insulated. - Installs new electrical equipment. - New tires and wheels. - New high pressure hose - New hydraulic cylinders. - New high pressure hose. - Repaired bridges. The whole process of Assembly of the tractor is carried out by experienced mechanics and engineers. Separately can be installed additional equipment (air conditioning, additional heater, etc. The technique provides one year warranty without limitation of work hours. Shipping to Russia is carried out by own low-frame trawl.