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Алексей Викторович
+7 962 284 55 70
+7 861 205 71 33
край Краснодарский
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Transport company "cargo of Bilge" your reliable partner in the field of transportation of oversized cargo for your company since 2009. Transport cargo across Russia. Insured against "ALL RISKS" The focus of the company is transportation of oversized cargoes by motor transport (trawls, modules, telescopic trawls), provide a full range of services from transport and feedlot machinery for trawls, to transport of heavy oil and gas, or power equipment and rigging of the load. The list of main services: services of trawl - rent of trawl - transportation of special equipment - transportation of containers and silos - carriage shift carriage - houses and modular buildings - transportation of agricultural machinery - transportation of oil, gas and energy equipment - transportation of cultivators - services (rent) of the trawl - transportation of oversized cargo - transportation of heavy cargo - transportation of harvesters Working with VAT and without VAT We will help you in transportation regardless of distance