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"Технологии Роста" - маркетинговые исследования, аналитика и прогнозирование аграрных рынков
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The company "Technology of Growth" offers a new study of the market of fresh strawberry, prepared in April 2019 "garden Fresh strawberry in Russia and Moscow: production, imports, seasonality, volumes and prices of sales, packaging, consumption. Facts and figures". In this Report, on the basis of regular field research Metropolitan network of retail during the 2017 – 2019 biennium, these companies and manufacturers, as well as a detailed analysis of official statistics Rosstat, Ministry of agriculture and the Federal customs service of Russia, analysts of "Tekhnologii rosta" lead estimated balance of supply and demand of fresh strawberry in a shopping retail in Moscow and Moscow region. The structure and volume of the consumer market of fresh berries and strawberries, in particular, Muscovites, specified berries largest players of the market of the Moscow region, their share. Calculated sales prices of strawberries at the origin of the berries, according to season and subject to the availability of the package. The structure of sales in different types of packaging. The study will benefit current and future suppliers of fresh berries in the capital's shopping retail for the assessment of the level of competition, sales potential, formation of price policy, preparation for the implementation in Moscow. As an Annex to this study provides a summary report of the "Fresh berries in Moscow and the Moscow region in 2018-2019. – field study of retail and wholesale" with the quantitative results of field measurements shopping offers fresh berries in the capital's retail and wholesale prices of fresh berries importers and domestic manufacturers operating in the Moscow region for the period 2018 to April 2019. The cost of the study with App = 50 thousand. The cost of the study without Application = 40 thousand. Cost of Application = 15 thousand. With Demos, the research and Application can be found on the website www.t-rost.ru. To purchase these studies together or separately, please contact us via the contacts "technologies of Growth": info@t-rost.ru, project@t-rost.ru or tex.rost@gmail.com.