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Chrome mounting bolts M12x30 (90sht Packaging.) the article on the website VVLOER 502112030.1, manufacturer Cargo Floor (the Netherlands).Serve for attachment of floor profiles to the drive hydraulic cylinders rolling floor hydraulic system CargoFloor. Used on trailers and semitrailers horizontal loading and unloading with a hydraulic rolling floor Cargo Floor, full-frame and frame. The cost of each package is overwhelming 65.45 EUR with VAT 20%, payment in rubles at the exchange rate on the payment date. The price is specified from calculation of 75 roubles to 1 Euro. We deliver all over Russia, we have discount system for customers Frott, 13% discount for pre-order. With us You can order any spare parts, supply directly from factory Cargo Floor. Details on our website vvloer and phone number on the profile.