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CHAPTER 1. PROPERTIES AND APPLICATIONS 1.1. Specifications of home fans 1.2. Applications residential fan CHAPTER 2. CONSUMPTION 2.1. The dynamics of the market of household fans 2.2. Commodity and sectoral structure of consumption of household fans 2.3. The share of imports in the market of home fans CHAPTER 3. DOMESTIC PRODUCTION 3.1. Dynamics of volumes of production of domestic fans 3.2. Characteristics of products 3.3. Revenue and profitability of the enterprises of manufacturers of household fans CHAPTER 4. ANALYSIS OF EXISTING IMPORT SUPPLIES 4.1. Dynamics of volume of import of household fans 4.2. The geography of import supplies, household fans 4.3. Company suppliers of household fans on the Russian market 4.4. Consumers of home fans in the Russian market CHAPTER 5. EXPORT SHIPMENTS 5.1. Dynamics of exports of domestic fans 5.2. Export volume of home fans manufacturers 5.3. The geography of export deliveries of household fans 5.4. Companies-recipients of home fans CHAPTER 6. THE FORECAST OF THE MARKET DEVELOPMENT AND PROSPECTS THE OPENING OF NEW FACILITIES 6.1. The forecast of development of market of household fans 6.2. Market prospects of new industries household fans