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Речица Михаил Иосифович
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Семена, посевной материал
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Seeds of perennial ryegrass Perennial ryegrass – perennial grass plant, used to clean crops for seed purposes, or in mixtures composed of forage and lawn grass mixtures. Pure seeds of ryegrass were sown in the spring. For this purpose use seeds of high reproductions. Different varieties of perennial ryegrass are grown (regionalized) in all regions of Russia. Cheaper to buy the seeds in late summer after harvest In forage grass mixtures perennial ryegrass is used for grazing purposes and hay. Perennial ryegrass gives a beautiful green mass. You can also buy grass seeds perennial ryegrass lawn on purpose. Pasture ryegrass has a quick germination. Just a few days grazing ryegrass seeds fully germinate. This property is often used for lawn landscaping, when you want to green the area in a short time. You can purchase seeds of perennial Ryegrass both wholesale and retail, at least 1 kg In the wholesale party provided substantial discounts. The price of seeds of ryegrass in the company of Mosagrogrupp for wholesale supply starts from 125 rubles/kg. All products are supplied in excellent quality and it is given all the necessary documents. Once You acquire seeds of perennial ryegrass, we can deliver to Your town or directly to Your farm.
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