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CHAPTER 1. THE TYPES AND APPLICATIONS OF GEOGRIDS 1.1. Types and technology of obtaining 1.2. The application of geogrids CHAPTER 2. THE VOLUME AND MARKET STRUCTURE GEOGRIDS 2.1. Dynamics of consumption of natural aggregates 2.2. Sectoral structure of consumption of natural aggregates 2.3. Commodity market structure geogrids CHAPTER 3. DOMESTIC PRODUCTION OF GEOGRIDS 3.1. Feature of installed capacity for the production of geogrids 3.2. Production volumes of geogrids manufacturers CHAPTER 4. THE POSSIBILITY OF SUBSTITUTION OF IMPORT OF GEOGRID 4.1. Dynamics of import supplies of natural aggregates. 4.2. Commodity structure of import of geogrid. 4.3. Manufacturers of imported geogrids 4.4. The producer country of imported products. CHAPTER 5. THE MARKET SHARE OF THE MANUFACTURERS OF GEOGRIDS CHAPTER 6. PRICE ANALYSIS 6.1. Selling prices of the Russian manufacturers of geogrids. 6.2. Selling prices of importers of geogrids. CHAPTER 7. FORECAST OF MARKET DEVELOPMENT OF GEOGRID 7.1. Forecast demand for geogrids 7.2. Analysis of industry risks CHAPTER 8. THE PROSPECTS OF ORGANIZING A NEW PRODUCTION OF GEOGRIDS Appendix 1. Major investment projects in transport infrastructure construction Appendix 2. The volume of drilling and seismic exploration till 2030. Appendix 3. Indicators of development of gas industry till 2030. Annex 4. Investment projects on construction of pipelines