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Адамантис Пётр Рафикович
+7 950 840 88 11
г Ростов-на-Дону
Запчасти для сельхозтехники
75,00 руб.
A short list of belts: 3НВ-2162 (3HB BP/E-2162), 3НВ-2662 (3HB BP/E-2662), 3НВ-2662 (3HB BP/K/E-2662), 3НВ-2886 (3HB BP/E-2886), 3НВ-2886 (3HB BP/K/E-2886), 3НВ-3612 (3HB BP/E-3612), 3НВ-3812 (3HB BP/E-3812), 3НВ-4985 (3HB BP/KA/E-4985), 4НВ-1900 (4HB BP/E-1900) 4НВ-1912 (4HB BP/E-1912), 4НВ-2362 (4HB BP/E-2362), 4НВ-4562 (4HB BP/K/E-4562), 5НВ-3812 (5HB BP/KA/E-3812) Full range in permanent stock!!! If you do not find a suitable product please call we will find! +7 (950) 840-88-11 Belts ADAMANTIS Peter R. Direct supplier WITHOUT INTERMEDIARIES. Belts for harvesters: Combine KZS-1218 "PALESSE GS12", KZS-10K "PALESSE GS10", KZS-812 "PALESSE GS812", KZS-7 "PALESSE GS07", KZ-14 "PALESSE GS14"; Complex high-performance forage: KVK-8060 "PALESSE FS8060", KVK-800-16 "PALESSE fs80 is-2", KVK-800-36 "PALESSE fs80 is-5"; Self-propelled forage harvester: KSK-600 "PALESSE FS60". Supply a full range of belts for machinery produced BY "Gomselmash" and ZAO SP "Bryanskselmash". A wide selection of belts for combines and agricultural machinery, trucks, Production ADAMANTIS (India)PREMIUM (India) Belotserkovsky factory of rubber goods, Stomil (Poland), Optibelt (Germany). Straps banded, cogged, variable speed, privodnye, ventilatory wedge. Our customers are many large agricultural holdings, large dealers and small developing company. With us is profitable to cooperate because we have low prices and You will get rid of the middlemen. Are a direct supplier. A flexible system of discounts. Permanent stock availability. Delivery throughout Russia. Through different transport companies. Delivery to the terminal for FREE!