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Experts Agropromproekt (Ivanovo) have experience in designing greenhouses for over 20 years and develop an individual project for each Customer, avoiding standard solutions. We have an understanding of the technological nuances and specifics of installation of engineering systems of greenhouses, as well as a clear algorithm that allows to avoid mistakes that cause an unreasonable increase in the cost of construction. We offer: ✔ Projects of reconstruction of the greenhouse complex ✔ Projects of modernization of the greenhouse complex ✔ Winter projects multi-span plastic greenhouses ✔ Projects of modern industrial greenhouses Venlo ✔ Projects a canning plant, lines, sorting, packing and packaging of vegetable products ✔ Projects of capital repair of greenhouses Anthracite ✔ Projects of construction and reconstruction of vegetable storages APP engineering group | https://www.agropromproject.com email: agropromproject@gmail.com tel.+7 903 888 49 49
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