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2019-11-27 15:24:45

Шевцова Валерия Викторовна
+8 929 667 03 70
край Краснодарский
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LLC "NEFTEGASTOP" Krasnogorsk has the ability to offer rail transportation in the hatch gondola cars, covered cars, platforms and tanks throughout Russia and the CIS, the calculation and payment of railway fare. The cars are ready to provide for loading as quickly as possible, VA for three to four days, depending on the declared party. For loading and unloading give 5-7 days, after that it is fine for 1500 rubles with VAT 20% per day. Payment terms: 50% Deposit is forward to the departure of the wagons in the customer's address, the remaining 50% will be charged, as the car will arrive at the loading station and served on driveways Shipper stated in the application if the carriage in CIS and Baltic countries, the 100% prepayment forward to the departure of the wagons in the customer's address. Payment dates are not final, are discussing for each client. Waiting for Your requests for the transportation of Your product, and we hope for fruitful cooperation!!!! PHONE:+7 495 298 18 66, +7 925 270 01 34, WhatsApp +7 929 667 03 70 .