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Баркалов Алексей Викторович
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Grain drying equipment in mining and mobile type Mine the flow type dryer designed for continuous drying of a wide range of crops both in manual and automatic modes. A wide range of dryers, high stability of a given regime and uniform flow distribution of the grain, allow to dry various crops including rapeseed, sunflower and corn. The price of the dryer will depend on the package. The cost of the drying capacity from 5 up to 150 t/h given over the phone. Mobile dryer is a trailer with a stainless steel slatted floor and a double bottom. The trailer is equipped with diesel burner, powerful fan, the generator from which it feeds the electrical system of the dryer and screw system for mixing grain. In the process of drying produced by the burner of the hot air by the fan is pumped into the chamber with a double bottom, where through the slatted floor is supplied continuously to the mixing auger system grain and blows it upwards. To complete the drying rack with the forklift, from the combine or in any other way. The process of drying one batch of grain is about 2 hours (60 min drying, 30 min cooling), capacity up to 300 t/day. Advantages of mobile dryers: Real mobile dryer, no training depots and grounds, construction and installation works, configuration and output mode; Economical and gentle drying of different cultures with any sorescu and humidity. The lack of injury and the grinding of grain; Eliminated the cause of the fire oilseeds. Is no open flame in the drying zone, the grain of the permanent mixed.