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The March contracts in Paris and Chicago continues to fall in fear due to the spread of the coronavirus
29 January
Their yield may fall that threatens to lower investment activity and failure to plan for increased production and export of agricultural products
28 January
Market expectations from the new government preservation of state, export development and reduce the administrative burden on business
27 January
05 - 07 February
Выставка "Экспокрым"
г. Крым
06 - 07 February
11-я Международная Конференция "Где Маржа 2020"
г. Москва, гостиница Рэдиссон САС Славянская (пл. Европы, 2)
19 - 20 February
Саратов-Агро. 2020
26 - 28 February
Агропромышленный форум юга России «Интерагромаш» и «Агротехнологии»
г. Ростов-на-Дону
26 - 28 February
Зимняя зерновая конференция
Белокуриха, санаторий «Сибирь»

CLAAS launches the online project "PRO MILK: professionals on processes, manufacturing, product". The portal is a review of the technological cycle of production of feed from tillage for sowing of crops and herbs to storing and compiling the right diet of the cows.
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Agricultural machinery
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