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Tractors Rostselmash 320 | 340 with a classic frame appeared in the market recently, and not so well-studied by the professional community, as articulated. So now every opinion held of the owner, that is, on the weight of the gold, but not all of them are ready for public evaluation. We contacted the Chairman of the kolkhoz "Soviet Russia" by Fomenkova Vladimir Vasilyevich, where for a year working tractor 320, and he agreed to tell about the car. The following is our dialogue with Vladimir Vasilevich.
18 June
For 50 weeks of the current season (July 1, 2018.-30 June 2019.) The EU imported us $ 18.6 million tons of oilseeds, which is 5% higher than the same period last season. The Agency said Grain Online, citing the European Commission.
17 June
At the end of the harvest CLAAS experts analyzed the performance of the work of the TUCANO. The result was the regularity that depending on the correctness of operating parameters, the average output of the machine may differ in two times. In the farms, which is flexible, in accordance with the recommendations of the experts, adjust key performance parameters of all systems of the harvester under specific conditions cleaning, TUCANO 580 typically cleaned per hour to 35 tons of grain. In other cases, the car show more modest results - 20 t/hour and less, i.e. only 60% of normal capacity. In addition, incorrect settings can in three times – from 3 to 10% – increase yield losses and 30-40% of the fuel consumption.
17 June
Agrarians harvested winter barley. All the agriculture plans to collect an area of over 136 thousand hectares.
14 June
This will result in the cancellation of the Program No. 1432, analysts say
13 June
20 - 21 June
VI Крымский транспортный форум
г. Алушта, Крым
10 - 12 July
г. Санкт - Петербург
18 - 18 September
5-ый ежегодный международный инвестиционный форум АгроЮг 2019
г. Ставрополь

AGCO-RM, one of the leaders of the Russian market of distribution of agricultural machinery, together with the official dealer of "Agrotravel" and with the support of Bayer launches research project Crop Tour 2019. Its results will identify the factors influencing the increase of productivity, and demonstrated the technologies of precision agriculture, which contribute to increased productivity and profitability of agricultural enterprises.
Among Russian partners Belarus came in first place in trade turnover of agricultural products in the last year, this figure rose 8 percent. This was announced by the Minister of agriculture of Russia Dmitry Patrushev at the meeting of the 56th session of the Parliamentary Assembly of the Union of the two countries in Minsk.
18 June
According to preliminary data of operational monitoring conducted by the IA "APK-inform", in the period from 8 to 14 June 2019 with the seaports of Ukraine was exported 452 thousand tonnes of basic grains, which is 39% lower than in the previous week (744 thousand tonnes, including updating data).
17 June
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