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According to operational data of the agricultural administrative bodies of constituent entities of the Russian Federation as of July 14, 2020 grain and leguminous crops throughout the areas of 7.5 mln ha, and produced 24.6 million tons of grain at productivity of 32.7 C/hectares.
Export prices for Russian wheat (protein 12.5 percent) of new crop with delivery in August for a week from 2 to 9 July increased $7.5 to $203 per ton, follows from the monitoring of the analytical center of JSC "Rusagrotrans".
14 July
The order of 22.9 million tons of grain harvested to date in Russia, said July 13 in a press-service of the Ministry of agriculture.
14 July
Он продемонстрирует индекс производства порядка 102% к уровню прошлого года
13 July
The agricultural producers will delay payments on subsidized loans for the year. Draft decision on the allocation of grants to banks on compensation of the shortfall of their incomes on the loans granted at a concessional rate, prepared by the government, said Deputy government Victoria Abramchenko.
13 July
13 - 14 August
АКХСО «Возрождение», Саратовской области
20 - 21 August
Межрегиональная выставка-демонстрация «День Донского поля»
Ростовская область
02 - 03 September
Выставка продуктов питания и напитков InterFood
Санкт-Петербург, КВЦ «ЭКСПОФОРУМ»
18 - 18 September
г. Краснодар, Crowne Plaza Krasnodar - Centre
23 - 23 September
Форум и выставка «ПротеинТек»
г. Москва, Холидей Инн Лесная

CLAAS launches the online project "PRO MILK: professionals on processes, manufacturing, product". The portal is a review of the technological cycle of production of feed from tillage for sowing of crops and herbs to storing and compiling the right diet of the cows.
Experts of the grain market changed the assessment of crop in Russia this year, but hope not. Some, despite the low grain yield at the start of the harvest in southern regions once again increased the estimate of harvest given the favourable conditions in the regions of center and Volga region, others have begun to reduce the previously made predictions.
09 July
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