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понедельник, 16 декабря 2019
The company MAY (brands RICHARD, CURTIS, "may", "Lisma", COFFESSO) presented the business plan for the cultivation of the leaf of fireweed in the Vologda region, the government of the region. The geographical area chosen by chance, major field of plants that are able to provide a reference taste traditional Russian drink.

вторник, 30 июля 2019
The first in Russia to a farm on cultivation of Atlantic salmon are going to construct in the Vologda region by 2020.

четверг, 18 апреля 2019
With high quality products recognized yogurt "Dairy grace", "Armapod and Svetlogorie"

вторник, 16 апреля 2019
The Vologda oblast government will increase the expenses of the regional budget to help the farmers in conducting spring field works at 480 million rubles. This was announced on Monday, the Governor of the region Oleg Kuvshinnikov.

среда, 27 марта 2019

пятница, 22 марта 2019
March 21, took place the signing of the agreement on cooperation between the Rostselmash company and the Committee of agriculture of the Volgograd region. Their signatures on the document were put by the commercial Director of Rostselmash Alexey Shvetsov and Deputy Governor of the Volgograd region - the Chairman of Committee Vasily Ivanov.

понедельник, 14 января 2019
In the Vologda region, in the village Karachevo appeared dairy farm, where most of the work is done by robots, according to OTR.

среда, 24 октября 2018
The best packaging will be chosen at the II all-Russian forum "Vologda - dairy capital of Russia". The ceremony will be held in the first independent awards for the quality of dairy products, "Golden clover". The event, organized by The DairyNews with the support of the Governor of the Vologda region Oleg Kuvshinnikova.

пятница, 19 октября 2018
30 % increase in productivity of fodder crops and 20 % cost reduction of milk production are the result of scientific-practical project implemented in one of the large farms of the Vologda region, the press service of the holding FosAgro, who performed together with the Vologda oblast government, the initiator of the project.

среда, 18 июля 2018
Grocery logistics centre, which will be able to supply in the Vologda region and in the neighbouring region products produced in Armenia can be opened in Vologda, reported RIA Novosti, first Deputy Governor, Chairman of the government of the Vologda region Anton Koltsov.

пятница, 22 июня 2018
By the end of 2019, cheese production in the Vologda region will increase three times — from 5 to 17 thousand tons per year, reported RIA Novosti the Governor of the region Oleg Kuvshinnikov.

среда, 20 июня 2018
In particular, in Cherepovets will build a plant for the production of processed, cooked meats and hard cheeses.

вторник, 19 июня 2018
In the Vologda region plans to provide free of charge to citizens or farms a hectare of land for agricultural activities, the press service of the regional government.

пятница, 25 мая 2018
In the Vologda region will create fish farms for growing salmon — about 2.5 thousand tons a year, told RIA Novosti the Governor of the region Oleg Kuvshinnikov.

пятница, 04 мая 2018
In the Vologda region began the season of extraction of black caviar. Engaged in the production rybolovnaja firm in Kaduy

среда, 14 марта 2018
"Agrotur 2018" is a unique project, launched specifically to introduce clients with the most effective development from EuroChem.

среда, 14 февраля 2018
Unique enterprise for production of salmon with an investment volume of almost 1.5 billion rubles will be built in Vologda region in 2018, told RIA Novosti head of the Department progressov and fisheries regional selhozzapchastey Merab Stepanov.

вторник, 16 января 2018
The head of the region announced plans to "make Vologda oblast linen capital of Russia"

понедельник, 18 декабря 2017
On 14 and 15 March 2018. XXVIII will be held specialized exhibition "agroindustrial complex-2018"

понедельник, 31 июля 2017
With the support of the regional guarantee Fund of the agricultural cooperative "Ilyushin" in the Vologda area this year will launch a Russian plant for the production of animal feed