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понедельник, 22 апреля 2019
Arbitrators have recognized the persuasive arguments Washington about the illegality of the Chinese quotas on rice, wheat and corn.

пятница, 19 апреля 2019
The United States won a world trade organization (WTO), China has a dispute concerning a Beijing introduced tariff quotas on imports of wheat, rice and corn. In a Thursday in Geneva the conclusion of the arbitration panel noted that the actions of Beijing in this area are in conflict with the assumed China to join the organization by carrying out that procedure of the introduction of quotas should be transparent and predictable.

вторник, 16 апреля 2019
"Kaliningrad meat company", included in APH "Miratorg", reports that it has completed a sowing and plans increase grain harvest by 50% to 15 million tons in 2019

понедельник, 15 апреля 2019
In the next two years, the volume of feed production in Russia will increase by 6.6% to 30.8 million tons This forecast was voiced by the head of Department of food resources of the Department of animal husbandry and breeding Department of Danila Makarov organized the "Agroinvestor" conference of Russian Meat & Feed Industry — 2019.

вторник, 09 апреля 2019
The price of wheat decreased by 10.8%, barley 4.5%, oats, and rice by 0.7%

Exporters buy expensive grain for the execution of contracts

понедельник, 08 апреля 2019
In Europe, drought led to grain shortage. Harvest will not be enough to cover the needs of the economy.

пятница, 05 апреля 2019
Retailer Lenta opened its first own shop for production of sausages and meat products, which is located in Novosibirsk, the press service of the company.

четверг, 04 апреля 2019
The results are impressive: for the 2018 exported products worth $3,023 billion, 23% more than planned by the Ministry of agriculture figures. Compared with 2017 the volume of exports of agricultural products increased by 26%. In the structure of exports the share of processed products accounted for 37% ($1,125 billion).

In response it is proposed to degrade the quality

Last year Kazakhstan increased the import of agricultural products from the United States of 19.7% compared with the 2017 year. It amounted to 9 billion USD 370 million, said Friday at the Korea Institute of rural economy.

среда, 03 апреля 2019
In January-February of 2019, compared to the same period in 2018, the exports of Ukrainian agricultural sector increased by $683,8 million, which is 24.4%. The amount of export reached $3.5 billion.

вторник, 02 апреля 2019
Organic revenue retailer's Okay in Russia, adjusted for the effect of the sale of business supermarkets (32 stores), decreased by 1.1% in annual terms. Total Group revenue under IFRS fell by 8.4% yoy with 176 076 million rubles to 161 303 million rubles

пятница, 15 марта 2019
After a record wheat harvest for the current season (19.5 million tons) and Argentina in season 2019/20 and can obtain a bountiful harvest.

четверг, 14 марта 2019
Exports of agricultural products almost doubled exports of weapons

среда, 13 марта 2019
Kurgan oblast can be included in the list of regions eligible to export wheat to China.

According to "SovEcon", the Russian export price for the week fell by $10 per ton

вторник, 12 марта 2019
According to the Ministry, the harvest of grain and leguminous crops in 2012, up 60%

понедельник, 11 марта 2019
The latest assessment of the FAO global cereal production in 2018 is 2 609 million tons, 2.8 million tons less than in the previous report in February.

пятница, 01 марта 2019
The problem of GMO use in agriculture is acute for decades. The founders of GM crops and their commercial application is the United States.