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The price of gasoline and diesel, 16.08.17
The Russian fuel market. Daily review. 16 Aug 2017
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A little about winter fuel for Northern delivery.

Despite the hot weather, domestic refineries continue to produce winter diesel fuel classes. It is designed mainly to provide fuel for the entire year the far North, Siberia, the far East, where there is no own production and the possibility of self-delivery of industrial and agricultural products. Provision of essential goods at the expense of means of the Federal budget and regional authorities, reports the fuel service "Algorithm".

Petroleum products in these areas are supplied by Siberian rivers (Lena and Ob) in the period of summer navigation from may to September.

On the stock exchange from 1 may to 15 August 2017 made deals with winter fuel in the amount of 82 thousand tons. (for comparison, the volume of transactions with the summer varieties amounted to 1.6 million tons).

The main producers of winter fuel in the summer – it's Achinsk refinery (290 thousand tons in may to 15 August), the Perm refinery (106 thousand tons), Omsk refinery (100 tons), Surgut refinery, Salavat NOSE, the Ufa group. Total of listed refinery unloaded on the Russian market of 700 thousand tons of winter diesel.

In the trading of winter diesel involves only two refineries: Surgutskiy ZSK and Salavat NOSE. First realized 24.5 thousand tons of "Arctic", the second is 11 thousand tons of "Arctic" and 5.7 thousand tons of class 2 (temperature filterability minus 32ºС).

At the same time on the exchange traded winter diesel on the basis of the tank farms "Ob" and "Lena" are located at the points of transshipment of fuel tankers the river-sea.

The price levels of the transactions reflected on the chart. To understand the scale diagram augmented graph of the prices of transactions with the summer diesel fuel on the basis of the "f-tube" lods Salavat. The gap between classes from 2 to 3 thousand rubles/ton. And delivery to the transfer tank farms rise in tonnes up to 5 thousand rubles/ton. General procedure prices for transshipment tank farms this year amounted to 42 000 - 44 000 R/t. In 2016, the order of the stock prices at these depots was 37 000 - 39 000 R/t. Such is the arithmetic of Northern delivery of diesel fuel.


Into the lead went the transaction prices of gasoline Ai95. This kind of rose today, on average, 140 R/t to 43 830 R/t. Gasoline Ai92 kept level 41 820 R/t. The differential between the prices of different brands coming to 2 000 R/t that is a classic ratio.

Diesel fuel is moderately expensive, and netback declined sharply, which led to balance domestic prices with export parity.

Jet fuel, mazut and LPG did not show clear dynamics.

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