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World market of grain crops: trends of the week
The nearest wheat futures last week decreased by 1.56 USD to 156.98 USD
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Conjuncture of the world market of grain and leguminous crops: the cash and futures markets at 13.11.17 17.11.17 G.

The nearest wheat futures last week decreased by 1.56 USD to 156.98 USD. Export sales of wheat amounted to 297,804 kt, which is 15.9% below last year's level (if market expectations of 350-500 TMT). Last week, the main pressure on wheat has had a stronger dollar reduced the appeal of U.S. grain on the world market and affect demand. However, by Friday the dollar weakened slightly, on that fast the futures quickly responded to the increase.


On the wheat market continued to weigh global supply, the intensification of competition between key exporters, leading quite a strong dollar compared to the currencies of the countries in South America and Russia. Meanwhile, the state of wheat in the USA on19 November is estimated a little worse than usual. So, "good-excellent" estimated 52% of crops of winter wheat (54% a year ago and 58% a year ago).


The market for wheat. At the end of the week to 17.11.17 the nearest wheat futures fell 0.07 USD to 187,12 USD. European grain one way or another reacts on the change of the Chicago stock exchange. In the reporting week, the quotes were under pressure from the decline in the American grain. However, a serious decline was mitigated by the weakening of the Euro. European wheat is reduced under the influence of increased export activity from Russia and Ukraine.


The corn market for the reporting week declined by 0.19 USD to 135,03 USD.

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