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The fish: a Review of the price situation in the wholesale segment for April 16
Over the past week (9 to 15 APR) in the wholesale segment of the domestic market prices for frozen fish remained stable
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In the far East prices have not changed. The depreciation of the ruble creates conditions for the growth of prices for export fish species, but significant inventories constrain a rise in price. The cost of Pacific cod totaled 175 RUB./kg, Alaska Pollock – 73 RUB/kg, the herring Pacific 40 RUB/kg. the Flounder was worth last week, 99 rbl./kg.

In the North-West of the country in terms of favorable market conditions and the depreciation of the ruble cod rose 0.5 percent to 219 rubles/kg, Atlantic herring 1.6% to RUB 63/kg.

While other popular species of fish prices have not changed. The cost of haddock amounted to 155 RUB/kg mackerel – 98 RUB/kg.

In the Central regions against the background of oversupply of 7.9% decrease in the price of capelin to 58 RUB/kg. the Prices on other fish species have not changed. Largely due to a decrease in consumer demand and the expectation of sellers increased cost of fish production as a result of further cost reduction of the Russian currency. The price of mackerel amounted to 124 rubles/kg, Pollock – 88 RUB/kg, the herring of the Atlantic – 55 rubles/kg.

In the retail sector prices were falling. In the period from 3 to 9 April, the average level of consumer prices for fish frozen intact decreased by 0.1%. Compared to the beginning of the year prices remain above 1

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