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Resident TOR "Kamchatka" will build a center of antimicrobial food processing.
It will cost 400 million rubles.
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Resident TOR "Kamchatka" will build an innovation centre for antimicrobial processing of food by accelerated electrons. It will cost 400 million rubles, reported on the website of the development Corporation of Kamchatka Krai.

"LLC "Teclear-Kamchatka" intends to build on the territory of agro-industrial Park "Zelenovskie Ozerki" innovation centre for the antimicrobial treatment of food by accelerated electrons. Such a venture is already created by the initiators of the investment project and successfully operates in the Kaluga region", - stated in the message.

According to the representative of the resident Sergey Budnik, this treatment allows to extend the retention periods of more than 100 types of food, which is very important for Kamchatka, which is located at a considerable distance even from the neighboring regions, where the region has food supplies. Treatment will apply for vegetables, wild plants, meat, semi-products and products of marine fishery. The technology used allows not only to increase the shelf life of food, but also reduces losses, caused by bacteria, mold, and insects, prevents the spread of intestinal infections and the formation of carcinogens.

Construction is scheduled to finish in March 2020. Jobs at the plant will have 26 people. The total investment will amount to 400 million rubles.


The resident THOR also intends to engage not only operations, but also scientific research. They will relate to improving the use of technology and equipment manufactured at Russian plants.


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