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The ranking of the farms with the highest productivity in Altai Krai the head of agricultural enterprise "harvest" of the Soviet district
According to the data for seven months of this year, in a designated agricultural enterprise from each cow received 6155 kilograms of milk. In "Agrofirma "Harvest" zone district for seven months in the productivity of cows amounted to 5463 kg.
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The three leaders entered the farm "Altai" Zarinsk region with milk yield in 5113 kilograms of milk per cow.


Fourth place went to the farm "Golden autumn" Aleysky district, where since the beginning of the year from each cow was milked at 4944 pounds of milk.


The top five regional ranking closes the agricultural cooperative "Baranowski" Pavlovsky district performance 4907 pounds.


The second five: the nucleus "Chistensky" Topchikhinsky district, the farm "October" zoning district, Uchkhoz "suburban", agricultural enterprise "agro-Siberia" Smolensk district, the agricultural cooperative "Zhdanov" Zarinsk region.





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Friday, 18 June 2021
Thursday, 17 June 2021
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