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Rosstat has told, what products went up in October
Rosstat notes the rising prices of eggs, sugar and wheat in Russia in October; most kinds of fruit and vegetables in addition to fresh tomatoes and cucumbers, last month depreciated, is spoken in the message of statistical Department.
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According to Rosstat, in October the food prices in Russia grew 0.6% compared with September. "In October, among the food groups most of all, increased prices for eggs and sugar. The growth of prices was noted in the majority of constituent entities of the Russian Federation", — stated in the message.

So, in 19 regions of the country chicken egg in October rose by 10%, the highest increase of prices was observed in the Kaluga region — 16,6%. "At the same time, in Sevastopol the eggs became cheaper by 0.4%," — said the Rosstat. In turn, sugar in the Kursk region rose by 12.7%, in Crimea — by 10.9%, however, Udmurt Republic, prices fell by 1.1%, in the Kamchatka region — by 0.2%.


"Among other observed food products has been a marked increase in the price of millet is 10.2%. Poultry meat has become more expensive by 2.9%, oat and barley — 2.5%, fish by 1.7%, semolina — by 1.3%, bread and bakery products from wheat flour — by 1.1%, meat products, fish frozen cut (except salmon breeds), milk drinking sterilized by 1%", — added in the message.



At the same time in October there was a decline in prices on the majority of observable kinds of vegetables and fruits. In particular, the lemons fell by 18.2%, beet — by 14.1%, carrots — by 11.2%, apples — by 8.6%, potatoes — by 5.1%, onions, cabbage, grapes and garlic — 3,3-4,5%.

"However, cucumbers and tomatoes rose by 27.4% and 20.2%, respectively, oranges — by 9.9%. In addition, 1.9% decrease in prices for caviar of salmon fishes domestic, 0.3-0.5% for pork (except for boneless meat), different types of fish, squid, frozen, mixes dry dairy for baby food," says Rosstat.

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