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In Kamchatka, the agricultural products of private farms is expensive, and its production decreases - stats
The volume of production by households in 2018 in actual prices amounted to 3605,8 million rubles, which is 8.4% more than in the previous year, and 30.4% higher than in 2013, said the Agency "KAMCHATKA-INFORM" in Kamchatskaia.
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It noted that in comparable prices, on the contrary, over the past six years there has been a decrease in the production of agricultural products by 20.8%, including plant products - by 23.8%, and livestock products — 14.1%.

Priority direction of activity of households is crop production, In Kamchatka, they are the main producers of potatoes and vegetables.

Gross harvest of potatoes in 2018 increased by 0.6% compared to 2017 and compared to 2013 is 11.6%. But vegetables there was a decrease of 9.1% 10'6% respectively. Despite the reduction of gross yield of vegetables, the share of households in total production of vegetables remained high at 49.6%.

In their backyards, the residents of Kamchatka raise livestock and poultry. Because of the complexity and high cost in six years the number of pigs decreased by 4 times, cattle - by 34.4%, reindeer - by 21.5%, poultry - by 13.0%, sheep and goats by 11.6%, horses - by 8.4%.

"The reduction in the number of basic types of livestock and poultry affected the production of livestock products. In 2018 the production of livestock and poultry for slaughter (in slaughter weight) in farms of the population to the level of 2013 fell by 25.5%, milk - by 6.2%, eggs — by 0.5%," - said in Kamchatskaia.




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