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Altai soybeans demonstrates the high quality
Altai farmers actively started harvesting soybeans, and sunflower, and soybeans threshed with almost half of the area. The leaders in productivity - Soltonskiy rayon (23,3 t/ha), Soviet (21,8) and Zonal ( 18.7 t/ha).
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In the Testing laboratory of the Altai branch of the fgbi "Center for grain quality assessment" daily received samples of the new crop soybeans for definition of indicators of quality and safety. So, at the moment, studied more than 100 samples of this culture (last year for this period 30). Customers are primarily interested in the amount of protein, humidity and mass fraction of oil. Soy protein Altai in this period of research a few notches higher than last year: 32% to 41% in the past year, soybeans have shown in these days of September the lower threshold of protein is 28%.

The best characteristics of soybeans this year, farmers Biya-Chumysh zone. Increased performance of the farmers of the Ob area: 38% vs. 34% last year. The leader of the 2018 quality characteristics of soybean Altai area this year does not reduce your full level and can compete with soy Primorye (according to the Primorsky branch of the center, the protein in soybeans was in the range of 31-40%, and most of the tested batches in 2018 had protein 35%).

"Russia still buys abroad soybean meal for feed production, though there is enormous potential for growing high-quality high-protein culture in the Altai fields and further increase in the export of resource of our land of Siberia", - specialists of the Altai branch.

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