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GfK researchers evaluated the scale kovid-crisis among buyers
Mode isolation/quarantine because of COVID-19 withdrew almost all regions of Russia, but the consequences of this period continues to exert a strong influence on the life, preferences and choices of buyers of consumer goods. Perception of buyers of different regions and segments reflects the "Index coved-crisis", developed by researchers GfK consumer panels.
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The basis of the Index of crisis, typology of customers, which allows GfK to evaluate the changes of consumer behavior in different groups of the population and track the dynamics. The study answers the question of what percentage of households buyers of everyday goods have already suffered from the crisis? who are they and where you live? how to change their buying habits, what categories their behavior affects and how?

To group on crisis segments "Sustainable", "Injured", "Concerned" is used two factors: self-assessment of financial situation and assessment of the probability of losing a job. The index is calculated as the difference between the share of "Sustainable" and share the "Victims" - those who are keenly aware of the consequences of kovid-period.


Fig. 1 How to survive the consequences of kovid-crisis, consumers in different regions (data from the third wave of the survey 5.06 – 7.06)


Key findings of GfK:

· The share of crisis-hit Russians now significantly larger than a segment resistant to the crisis (share of victims 32% vs 14% resistant). Thus, the Index coved-the crisis in Russia as a whole as the difference between these two indicators was 18 points (in April it was equal to -4).

· Reduced activity due to kovid epidemic affecting all regions. And the situation is changing very rapidly. At this stage, most acutely the situation experienced by the inhabitants of the Volga Federal district and Urals Federal district, as well as the South. Here the highest Index coved-crisis. While the negative effect of kovid-crisis among buyers significantly deteriorated during the last month of isolation.

  • The crisis has mainly residents of large cities: an Index coved-crisis on the geography of the study - the lowest. And lately most acutely cowed-the crisis experienced by the people with a low income.
  • Among the age groups most affected economically and "consumer" active population 35 – 55 years. Easier this period home to young people 18 – 25 years. While this is the only segment where resilient to the crisis – those who have felt his influence on your position and who did not have to change their buying behavior more than the victims.
  • The most from this crisis "got" women. That maybe due to the fact that these regions a large proportion of service companies, businesses, beauty industry, HoReCa, transport, tourism and other businesses, which suffered from a forced outage during the period of quarantine.

"Now we have conducted three surveys in may and June — these are the first results of a new tracking study, GfK, dedicated to consumer behavior in the phase of adaptation to the crisis and in the future we will be able to evaluate deteriorating or improving conditions for the development of demand in different categories and regions of Russia. Knowledge about the state of buyers and their purchases will allow retailers and manufacturers to correctly answer the challenges of the market and to form the product strategy, the appropriate time to best meet the current characteristics of demand," - commented the results of the first wave of research Alexey Gorbatenko, project Manager Shopper Covid Monitor-19

The material is prepared on data of the first three waves of the study: 05.06–07.06, 29.05-31.05, 15.05-17.05; 2618 interview.

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