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Portal for suppliers Alibaba.com will help Russian small and medium businesses become a member of international digital trade
The new program Alibaba.com "Project Sprout Up" in partnership with Logistics companies in PA and MD Insight will help Russian businesses to quickly enter new markets
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In the framework of the global initiative "Spring thunder 2020" ("2020 Spring Thunder") of Alibaba Group, aiming to support entrepreneurs in different countries, in Russia the portal for wholesale suppliers and buyers Alibaba.com and logistics partners Logistics PA and MD Insight, will launch a special program "Project Sprout Up", which will allow Russian businesses to quickly find wholesale buyers abroad and to set up your own online store.

The programme is targeted primarily at the Russian businessmen from the sectors of machine building, metallurgy, agricultural production, producers of beverages and foodstuffs, whose goods are in great demand among international clients. At the same time today the total number of active buyers on the platform Alibaba.com more than 20 million organizations from more than 190 countries and regions of the world.

"Project Sprout Up" covers three areas of assistance to Russian business: attracting new customers, assist in the growth of the business through the digitalization of sales and increasing the level of skills of the employees in the field of online trading through educational courses.

Under the direction of attracting new buyers to the platform Alibaba.com will guarantee up to 15 orders for certain categories of companies registered on the platform within 60 days. Partners Alibaba.com PA Logistics companies and MD Insight will conduct training how to create your shop-window on Alibaba.com so that Russian businessmen could enter overseas audience and expand your customer base.

The direction of digitization of sales will help Russian entrepreneurs to customize ads for their products so that they receive the maximum number of orders, while businesses will be given access to a new tool for choosing keywords to describe its products and services. This tool is created by using artificial intelligence technology, which ensures the relevancy of keywords in the description, and thus maximizing the traffic of potential buyers that these ads will see.

Educational courses – the third direction of the program – will include the study of the features of the platform Alibaba.com acquaintance with the experience of other sellers on the platform, as well as with popular trends in consumer demand in different industries.

To Zhang, CEO Alibaba.com said: "the Russian entrepreneurs, it is important to be able to go into foreign buyers to increase production and differentiate the sources of income. Our program of support of Russian business aims to help them do it faster and more efficiently, and it is a global mission to help Alibaba Group to do business anywhere."

The program is open to all companies, but access to certain areas and services will depend on the sectoral affiliation of the participant. A more detailed program rules can be found through links hereand on partner sites Logistics PA and MD Insight.


About the platform Alibaba.com

Alibaba.com is the first business of Alibaba Group and a leading international platform for wholesale purchases, which aim to help entrepreneurs to do business anywhere. Platform Alibaba.com was launched in 1999 and provides services along the entire supply chain and helps suppliers to reach international buyers, buyers find products and suppliers quickly and efficiently place orders online. Alibaba.com serves millions of buyers and suppliers in more than 190 countries and regions of the world.

About the program Alibaba.com for sellers

Help your business to reach new markets! Along with Alibaba.com you can find buyers in other countries, as it is one of the biggest platforms for wholesale purchases in the world. C 1999 the representatives of small and medium business use Alibaba.com to reach wholesale customers and increase sales with the help of special tools aimed at suppliers and buyers of wholesale products.

  • Increase the audience of your customers: sell products for more than 20 million active buyers on the platform from more than 190 countries and regions of the world – the day they get about 300,000 sentences!
  • Match work effectively to grow your business, use of special analytical tools, aggregated dannie about your buyers, the online Windows, the is set at a certain audience.
  • Get help: expand your business with online courses from experts in the field of online sales, with digital content, and through online consultations and advice call center in real time.

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