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Corteva Agriscience was the initiator and partner of the project "AGRO Career Navigator"
30 June 2020 hosted an online conference, organized by the international agriculture research company Corteva Agriscience and industry portal Agrotrend.ru. About agriculture, as one of the most promising and prestigious fields of employment for modern youth and also about the mutual interests of employers and job seekers were told by the representatives of the largest companies in the industry.
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Facilitating youth development is one of the obligations of the company Corteva Agriscience in the framework of the implementation of the sustainable development goals-2030, and the project "AGRO Career Navigator" is another step on the way of help Russian agriculture in solving the problem of training of young specialists and promote agriculture as a sphere of employment. The event was attended by the heads of the holding "Russian field", companies "Umalat", "Belaya Dacha", agricultural holding "prodimeks" business Schools and international competences MGIMO, recruitment Agency Kontakt, InterSearch, portal Agrotrend.ru and other speakers.

"Agriculture is one of the most dynamic sectors of the economy and along with energy and communications is a promising field of employment for graduates of agricultural Universities and related specialties," – said in his address to the participants of the conference Alexander Kozachkov, CEO Corteva Agriscience in Russia.

However, the younger generation of professionals underestimate this sector as a source of stable income, opportunities for personal and career growth. About this in his speech told Elena Polyakova, Director of Agriscience GR Corteva in Russia and Eastern Europe. According to a study conducted by the company last year in Russia and other countries of Eastern and Central Europe, only 1% of teenagers aged 14-18 years, plans to choose agriculture as a future work. The main reasons why the younger generation is not in this industry – lack of awareness and lack of interest in it, misconceptions about the working conditions and level of payment. "It is a misconception about the agricultural industry among young people can be a decisive barrier to the development of agriculture in Russia, – says Elena. – And that is the task of the market participants to change their views, to provide industry the necessary personnel reserve".

In addition to typical agricultural professions such as agriculturist, the mechanic or technician – high demand and are popular at the present time specialization: IT-specialist, marketer, engineer. The level of wages in agriculture is comparable to other strategically important industries. So, the main agriculturist can receive up to 200 thousand rubles./month., chief technologist – up to 350 thousand rubles/month., a top-managers of the enterprises – up to 1 million RUB/month. Talked about this with Galina Spasenova, partner recruitment Agency Kontakt, InterSearch.

The role domestic agriculture and international markets. On the activities in the training of attachés to represent the interests of agrarian and industrial complex of Russia abroad said Angelica Mirzoyev, Director of the School of business and international competences of the University. In this direction the University is working with the Ministry of agriculture of Russia, Kuban and the Stavropol state agrarian University, as well as with Corteva Agriscience, which helps in the organization of lecture courses for students of the master's program and graduates of the University on the theme "International agricultural markets."

A manifestation of curiosity and innovation are core values of the company Corteva Agriscience, which is reflected in the direction of digital agriculture. The services that the company provides in this direction designed to maximize the profitability of agricultural business, optimize resources and human labor.

According to Denis Ostrovsky, expert service, agronomic support Corteva Agriscience, the direction of digital technology in agriculture is able to captivate the youth and to form its view about the industry as a high-tech, where, in addition to physical labor, there is disclosure of analytic and other abilities. "The agronomist is not a person with a hoe in his hands, as he thinks the majority of young people. This is a highly intellectual profession, requiring knowledge in various fields demanded by major Russian and international agricultural holdings", – said Denis Ostrovskiy.

So, the knowledge and use of high technology is today an integral part of crop production. For example, to forecast crop yields on a particular field with the use of drones and integrated software ISAIA came to replace the manual labor of the agriculturist, which previously had to personally learn the condition of crops on different areas of the field to determine the number of seedlings. Forecasting solves mobile app mPhotometry (photometry cobs), which according to the photographs of ears of maize to determine the potential yield in a particular field, relieving the agriculturist from the rather labour-intensive process of hand calculations. The use of weather stations and various sensors, analyzing the incoming information helps to determine or adjust the tactics of conducting various agricultural activities. And these are only some examples of how high technology is reflected in modern agriculture.

The second part of the event was devoted to the speech of those who started their career path in the agricultural sector and succeeded. Among them: General Director of group "Belaya Dacha" Anton Semenov, chief agronomist of the agricultural holding "prodimeks" Evgeny Kostenko, farmer and agrobiogas Nikita Tokmakov.

Therefore, all presenters of the online conference – representatives of companies-food producers, providers, agribusiness and HR structures – drawing on their personal experiences and global economic trends, showed the audience that the agricultural sector today is a challenging, prestigious and high-tech sector, where young people can find a source of decent income, realization of personal qualities and professional ambitions. But because of how market participants build their communication, in order to strengthen the image of agriculture will depend not only on the development of agricultural industry, but also the access of future generations to quality and healthy food products and preservation of our planet's resources.

During the conference, the online debate joined over 150 people – students of Universities, heads and specialists of the business of agriculture, representatives of agricultural media. Recording of the event is available on the website of the organizers Agrotrend.ru.


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