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The Rosselkhoznadzor is planning to check the import tomatoes into new tobamovirus
To strengthen the quality inspection of imported tomatoes in the Rosselkhoznadzor addressed the national Union of producers of fruits and vegetables
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The Rosselkhoznadzor since July 20, will check the tomatoes and peppers imported from other countries, for the presence of virus brown marinestore fruits of tomato (ToBRFV, representative of the kind of tobamoviruses), told RIA Novosti press-service of the Department.

"From July 20 tomato and pepper imported from other States, will be subject to laboratory control in the detection of this disease. Planned operational preparation of the technological scheme for the identification of the body, training of inspectors of the Rosselkhoznadzor concerned with sampling, and laboratory personnel", - told RIA Novosti press-service.

Virus brown marinestore fetus infects vegetable crops, causing spots on leaves and deformation of fruit. He can stay in seeds, plant debris and contaminated soil within a few months, the two main media - the tomato and pepper. According to experts, getting a virus or similar pathogen in the current industrial greenhouse can lead to the complete destruction of all plants within a week.

"Rosselkhoznadzor is monitoring the situation closely and take all measures to prevent the penetration of the disease into the territory of Russia. Subordinate all-Russian centre for plant quarantine has conducted pest risk analysis of the disease, the results of which the Department initiated the inclusion of the virus brown marinestore fruit of tomato in the Unified list of quarantine objects of the EEU", - have informed in a press-service.

In June, the national Union of producers of fruit and vegetables (fruit and vegetable Union) appealed to the office with a request to pay attention to prevent the introduction into Russia of a dangerous virus.

"We are very grateful for the constructive reaction of the Rosselkhoznadzor and hope that the service will focus on preventing the introduction of new dangerous diseases on the territory of the Russian Federation", - said RIA Novosti in the fruit and vegetable Union.

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