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2016-04-07 08:04:38

Соловьёв Григорий
г Улан-Удэ
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Full-fat extruded soybeans (mound/sack tare) Mass fraction of a moisture of 10.4%, Mass fraction of crude protein 36-38%, Mass fraction of crude fat of 14-17%, urease Activity of 0.17 Soya full fat extruded feed is of high calorie, high protein, versatile food that's perfect for all kinds of animals and birds. Has high nutritive value. It makes up for the deficiency of protein and amino acids in animal nutrition, the lack of which is one of the main reason for their low productivity. Advantages: o High digestibility oil, in particular fatty acids o Digestibility of protein is more than 90% o High content of lecithin (important for fat metabolism) – 0,7% o Great taste o long shelf life (6 months) o Excellent flowability o Good ability to granulirovanija o Minimal loss of nutrients during processing and the absence of dust in the final feed product.