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equipment for the production of multifilament polypropylene yarn Polypropylene multifilament thread is formed from polypropylene, which ensures their great durability. the newest technologies of processing allow to obtain polypropylene polypropylene filament with high consumer qualities. This material can be used for the manufacture of strips for various purposes, ranging from haberdashery and ending conveyor, ropes, cords, ropes, fishing nets, yarns for proshiva bags, etc. Thread polypropylene multifilament is a common synthetic textile material, which is widely used worldwide in the manufacture of fabrics for different purposes. Polypropylene multifilament thread made from polypropylene (polypropylene – a thermoplastic polymer of propylene, a colorless crystalline substance isotactic structure). The multifilament thread of polypropylene has a number of incomparable advantages, among which we can highlight the following properties: Low water and air permeability of the fabric and fabrics made from multifilament yarns, which allows the use of this material for sewing extra strong and virtually sealed bags for transportation of bulk commodities for industrial and food sector. Material bags, which is based on a multifilament thread, perfect for protecting their contents from atmospheric moisture and odors, keeping good quality of goods. Environmentally friendly. The multifilament thread does not enter into chemical reaction with the contents made from it packaging, and does not emit and, most importantly, not consuming or accumulates odors from the environment. In addition, the multifilament thread is used as materials for bags and because of the protection from the influence of microorganisms. High levels of environmental performance will also allow the use of polypropylene yarn to produce clothing. So, the modern market of textile materials almost 60% consists of tissues, which are based on polypropylene filament, because the material is hypoallergenic and virtually electrified. The increased performance. The multifilament thread is especially fond of the material for fabrication of packaging containers. . Such materials are durable because of the resilience of the filament to repeated bending, they are not affected by alkalies and boiling water, and not dissolved at a constant high humidity.