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Шабунин Алекснй Леонидович
г Ростов-на-Дону
Техническое сырье
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Hello. Plant milk-clotting enzyme preparations, OOO SHAKO, he worked for 15 years on the Russian market, we produce and sell milk coagulating enzymes of animal origin such as pepsin (pork, beef), SH-50, whey 9358-006-53523525-07 THAT pepsin and bile dried and condensed THAT Our products are used in the manufacture of all types of cheeses, and also cottage cheese and yogurt. All our manufactured drugs are produced only from natural raw materials of animal origin . Our product is environmentally friendly and will never harm the health of You and Your loved ones. Our factory is the leading manufacture of enzyme preparations in Russia. Our customers in the Russian Federation are pharmaceutical companies, oil, cheese plants, dairies, production cooperatives; we are working with both private and legal persons. Our company cooperates with all countries participants of the customs Union. Sincerely, Shabunin A. L. Deputy Director of "SHAKO" Our contact details: 8 (863) 246-53-24; (from 08:00 to 15:00) 8 (863) 246-53-55; (from 08:00 to 15:00) 8 928 176-12-60; (round) 8 928 226-93-86. (round the clock) our website: http://shako.aaanet.ru/ we in the social. Networks: https://vk.com/club89790036