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2016-08-26 08:34:21

Шабунин Алекснй Леонидович
г Ростов-на-Дону
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Pepsin, the enzyme of the gastric juice of swine, responsible for the breakdown of food and its transformation into peptides and amino acids. Currently, whey pepsin is produced in the company "SHAKO" from the mucosa of pig stomachs by original technology, which allows to obtain enzyme preparation with high specific activity for use in animal feeds and in veterinary practice (our product is used during the inspection of meat for trichinosis at the machine, "Gastroc" for making artificial gastric juice, previously used porcine pepsin). In animal husbandry, our products can be used in animal feed, to prevent gastrointestinal diseases, as well as during the transition from vegetable to animal food. When feeding young is an impact on the productive qualities, has a positive effect on live weight gain of animals (cows, goats, pigs). The use in feed of our product helps to reduce pathogenic microorganisms and thus has a positive effect on digestibility, the digestibility of nutrients of diets, which affects the economic efficiency of livestock production. At cultivation of young growth of agricultural animals in order to increase safety, productivity, economic performance, it is advisable to include the enzyme preparation "Pepsin whey in the feed. We invite You to consider the possibility of using serum pepsin of our production in feeds and premixes for farm animals. Pepsin whey produced by "SHAKO" is an environmentally friendly product with a high degree of purification, it is stable and stored in a cool dry place for at least 12 months from the manufacture date.
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