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Мёд, продукция пчеловодства
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Composition: flower honey - 90%; Apple juice concentrate - 10%. Apple has useful properties. If concentrated Apple juice, its effect will increase. We received Apple juice concentrate by evaporating in a vacuum at temperatures up to 45○ C. the Concentration at low temperatures minimizes losses and allows you to get Apple concentrate with a high biological value, which is a natural balanced dietary Supplement. The introduction of Apple concentrate enriched honey natural organic acids, pectin, vitamins, tannins, improves consumer properties of honey, giving it a new flavor and color. Honey with Apple juice concentrate useful in diseases of the liver, stomach, intestines, kidneys, bladder; has antioxidant properties; strengthens the heart and blood vessels; is indicated for constipation and gastritis with low acidity. Given the image of honey and Apple concentrate
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