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2017-01-20 16:50:24

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new equipment for production of bags made of spunbond line for Pro-VA many kinds of bags ( bags, purses, packages). the machine has a computer touch screen. autostroke in the event of breakage of a blade. machine make the finished products high quality, high speed and efficiency. It is the ideal equipment for the production of products to meet all safety standards and environmental preservation. for the production of bags made of nonwoven material .Propeica handles to the bags are carried out with the help of ultrasound automatic. Specifications: Maximum width of bags: 200-580 mm . The maximum length of bags: 100-800 mm Material density: 30-100 mm Length of handles 400-600 mm Capacity:40-120pcs/min (depend on the density of materials and size of bags) Power supply: 220V/50Hz Power:31 kW Machine size: 12600*2600*2000mm Machine weight:3000 kg