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flexographic printing equipment max. material width 1200 mm 1400 mm 1600 mm max. print width 1160 mm 1360 mm 1560 mm max. Print length 191-914mm. 191-914mm. 191-914mm max diameter of fabric 1000 mm 1000 mm 1000 mm Printing speed 10-60-100m/min Plate thickness 2.38/3.94 mm 2.38/3.94 mm 2.38/3.94 mm power 13.37 kW 15.5 kW 18 kW Weight 1500 kg 2000 kg 2500 kg size 3900*1600*2400 mm 3900*1600*2400 mm. 3900*1600*2400 mm. Flexographic printing . professional modern high-tech equipment the necessary skills and knowledge of our employees, which allow you to quickly and efficiently perform installation and maintenance The feasibility of roll printing in contrast to screen printing is undeniable. The speed, cheapness and quality of fastening allow to say that for mass production it is better to use spunbond roll with the applied logo. the main advantages of flexo printing: Large selection of media types for print The possibility of printing on materials of varying thickness The possibility of using water-based paints The possibility of combining post-printing processes (lamination, cutting stamp, creasing, and gluing) in a single line Sustainability The possibility of printing from roll to roll at high speed paint: water based, UV cure, alcohol. the printing process uses special equipment: printing plate, printing machine and so on. A relief printing plate used in flexography is made of molded rubber or photopolymer material, its region, the print image that stands out above the rest surface forms 21.03.