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High quality covering material AGROLYUKS® will last more than one season and will provide all the necessary useful functions. Advantages AGROLYUKS®: acceleration of ripening; - protection from severe frosts; - creates balance in daytime and nighttime temperatures; - reduces evaporation from the soil surface; - prevents overcooling of the plants at night and overheating during the day; - ensures optimal microclimate for growth of plants; - is reliable protection from pests, diseases, pesticides, acid rain; - allows you to extend the harvest until late autumn. As confirmed by tests, plants grown under protection non-woven cloth, often have much more weight than plants grown without cover. BRAND COVERING MATERIAL AGROLYUKS Covering material AGROLYUKS® brand 17 and 30 is very light, but despite this, is sturdy enough. When planting young plants need protection covering material, under the coating which creates a protective microclimate. Have a covering material of a particularly high air and water-carrying capacity after rainfall the moisture content in the soil lasts longer. Provides excellent plant growth. Is a reliable protection from wind, heavy rain and hail. Through the material precipitation penetrate evenly and provide the plants with water. If your garden is covered with a covering material, many pests can't reach the plants. If the plants do not require pollination, the nonwoven covering material is not removed prior to harvest, only as needed, freeing up edge. Pollinated culture during flowering day open. Covering material AGROLYUKS® brand 42 and 60 is used as covering for greenhouses and hothouses, including in the open areas with strong winds and provides excellent growth to the plants. Secure in that the nonwoven covering material plants can grow and bear fruit from early spring until late autumn. Precipitation that penetrates evenly provide the plants with water. Non-woven covering material AGROLYUKS® creates an enhanced greenhouse effect and the optimum balance of day and night temperatures. Provides the necessary climate for the growth and development of plants and gas exchange for photosynthesis. Due to the uniform air circulation on the inside (in contrast to the greenhouses under the film) is not formed condensate and is "steaming" of plants. Reduces the time of ripening, prolongs the total period of the growing season, increases the yield.