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High-quality shading network, Karatzas (Greece) - reliable protection of Your plants from the scorching sun! Shading mesh, All farmers, growers, gardeners - fans are faced with a situation where the hot scorching sun, hail and strong winds caused a dramatic reduction and sometimes complete loss of the harvest of vegetables and fruits. Shade mesh from KARATZIS– reliable protection from these natural disasters! Pricestoday mesh suitable for large agricultural organizations, and households. It can be used in a greenhouse, Conservatory, gardens, vegetable garden, cultivation of vegetables and fruits. It is a kind of mesh that helps to protect the plants from the sweltering heat and scorching sun. Shade mesh not only protects plants from excessive exposure to ultraviolet radiation, but also evenly distributes the sun's rays over the plants. Thus, with the help of shade net, plant leaves are protected from burns, and, therefore, prevents the slowing growth, and in extreme cases even plant death. Nets for shading at the same time protect the plants from hail, heavy precipitation and wind gusts. Through the application of shade net crop Matures uniformly. Mesh for shading breathable, and creates conditions favorable ventilation plants. It is light in weight and very easy to use: to fasten and to pull the mesh is not too difficult. Also patenaude mesh are used extensively as effective protected areas: in the construction for mixing all types of scaffolding and building facades; mesh is ideal for fences, arbors, balconies, Parking spaces, forming a protection from the wind and direct sunlight. Also creates protection in adverse weather conditions: heavy precipitation, hail, strong gusts of wind. Despite the ease of the mesh, it can create 40 to 90% shade. It depends on the structure of the percent shading of the mesh. The company Agrokhoztorg offers a wide range of shade nets of various sizes and degrees of shading. You will be able to select the best option for yourself depending on purpose of the acquisition and the size of the plot, which is going to be protected from direct sunlight. The percentage of shading: 40%,50%,70%, dimensions 2*50,3*50,4*50,5*50,6*50,8*50, 12*50. Colors: Red and green.