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2017-05-22 15:27:33

Андреев Михаил
р-н Уфимский
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The company "innovative Road system" (subsidiary of "RISE GROUP") is a manufacturer of tape connecting. The connecting tape is designed to seal mating joints of asphalt covering on roads, bridges and airfields. Used in the process of laying and compaction of hot mix asphalt and avoids destruction of the coating at the junction of adjacent strips and abutting to concrete and metal surfaces. Always available more than 10 000 RM.m. tape docking in the warehouse. Tape is shipped in steel metal drums, one drum is 200 metres away. Call us now and get the exclusive price offer from the company of the Road of the Innovation System. Reception: 8 (800) 222 92 25 (Toll-Free) e-mail info@bitum-rise.ru Official website: www.bitum-rise.ru
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