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Андреев Михаил
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The company "innovative Road system" (subsidiary of "RISE GROUP") is a manufacturer of mastic hot and cold applications brand ICBMs 65, MBR-75, MBR-90. Bitumen-rubber mastic hot application ICBMs represent a homogeneous mass of black colour, consisting of bitumen, fine crumb rubber and additives, are used in hot conditions. scope. Postmark mark MBR-65, MBR-75, MBR-90 is designed for insulation of steel pipelines, tanks from soil corrosion and waterproofing of building structures. Before applying the mastic is heated in boilers or special installations with indirect heating to a temperature 200 - 220 °C, and applied to a dry surface. In the preparation of material for work must be ensured uniform mixing and temperature conditions. Mastic is applied with a brush, trowel, filling etc. shall be considered Sufficient layer of 1.5-2.5 mm. the Flow of mastic between 1.5 and 3.0 kg per 1 m2. Mastic can be shipped in drums for 44 kg, in 100 kg barrels. and 200kg. Call us now and get the exclusive price offer from the company of the Road of the Innovation System. Reception: 8 (800) 222 92 25 (Toll-Free) Sot./tel.: +7-987-490-40-27 Sot./tel: + 7-917-34-45-000 e-mail info@bitum-rise.ru Official website: www.bitum-rise.ru
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