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THE ACTIVATOR OF SOIL BIOTA, GROWTH FACTORS,MINERAL FERTILIZER BASED ON POTASSIUM SALTS, SODIUM,HUMIC AND FULVIC ACIDS OF NATURAL ORIGIN(FOR SOFTENED PURIFIED WATER)LOW MOLECULAR WEIGHT HUMIC CHELATOR. With regular use, - soil more resistant to chemical contaminants: radionuclides, heavy metals, pesticides; accelerates the decomposition of plant residues and pesticides, contribute to the restoration of the soil; removes the negative effects of high doses of mineral fertilizers; increases soil biological activity; increases the efficiency of mineral fertilizers; compatible with all means of protection of plants. Plants treated with "Fullvolume®, always are in a privileged position as compared with untreated plants. After processing, they will still give a bigger harvest, one of the factors for this - the drug increases the availability of phosphorus for plants.
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