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Pasiyeshvili Gocha
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п Шебекинский
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Our company produces DBA "Sanvit"-K - complex biological product that is added to the bath to collect swine effluent, with the aim uskorenie decomposition of organic waste and a significant improvement in air quality by neutralizing ammonia and other gases. DBA "Sanvit-To" contains the live spore-forming microorganisms of the genus Bacillus and produces homogenization of the effluent with the formation of microsuspension and preventing the formation of a monolithic near-bottom sediment, which allows for easy release bath and a lagoon, avoiding air pollution in the animals and fields (with hose introducing treated effluent). The effectiveness of the product Sanvit-K in the lagoons is provided in a joint application with additional mechanical means of influencing the contents of the lagoon — Autonomous amphibious, aerators, mechanical mixers, pumps, etc. Enter DBA "Sanvit-K" in the bath to collect the pig effluent is the most effective and economically feasible scheme of the application of this drug. After draining the treated manure from the baths in the lagoon, additional processing of the accumulated effluent is not required. The tests show: 1.Decreases the concentration of ammonia in the air of industrial premises of pig-breeding complexes by 25-30%. 2. Increases the content of total nitrogen in pig effluent in 1,5-2,5 times. 3. Increasing the content of ammonium nitrogen in runoff by 50-75%. 4. Reduced levels of hydrogen sulfide in the indoor air 50%. 5. It decreases the total amount of the cost of processing runoff. 6.Increased biological activity of wastewater has a positive effect on efficiency of crop production. 7. Reduced aggressiveness of animals, leveled the weight of livestock, increases weight gain. The rate of input of drug into the summer period — 30 - 70 g/m3 . In the winter — 70 — 100 g/m3. This drug is supplied in GK RUSAGRO, GK BEZRK-Belgrankorm, Kamskiy Bekon, z im. Gorin, GK Luki SK, SHP Yablonovskoe, LLC "Kapitalagro", LTD "Shebekino pork", Skorodnyanskoe, ZAO and other organizations of the Russian Federation.
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