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Yugzerno, OOO offers high-protein,mono-component feed additive "ORGANIC"-designed specifically for use as a Supplement to grain rations in the livestock industry and poultry breeding, and fur farming, and fisheries. With the organic protein no less than 82%. Feed additive "Organic" is a free-flowing powder homogeneous, the dietary Supplement contains a complete complex of amino acids (lysine, methionine, threonine, etc.) in optimal quantities. The raw materials of animal origin. The product is non-toxic, sterile, does not contain dyes and preservatives, stimulates the processes of digestion, activity of the gastrointestinal tract, is a catalyst for redox reactions in animals. The lack absorbent properties and a pleasant natural smell contributes to high consumption. Has a long shelf life (2 years 5) without changing the properties.Has a high digestibility – 85-95%, which allows to further increase the gain by 10-14% and the grain savings up to 20%. Confirms efficacy in kormleniye highly productive animals , which leads to increased profitability of milk, can increase daily gain, improve productivity, efficiently to increase the number. The Supplement contains no artificial stabilizers, improvers and can be introduced into the feed from the first days of life of the animal. There is a full package of documents (acts, protocols, research and testing laboratories , research findings and reports, documents which will prove the effectiveness of scientific-technical products, sertificate quality, etc.) Feed additive "Organic" is issued packaged in three-layer paper bags of 12, 5 kg., ensuring the integrity and safety of the product during transportation and storage, is supplied with instructions for use. If necessary, it is possible to deliver the samples for analysis by the transport company. The manufacturer guarantees the product quality to meet specifications 9296 001-05324181-2016