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2018-02-24 22:38:34

Владимир Германович
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обл Ярославская
Органоминеральные удобрения
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Launched in the Yaroslavl region the production of granular organic fertilizers on the basis of the chicken manure, potassium HUMATE, peat. It is possible to add the fertilizer of any mineral components according to customer's requirement. Production capacity 20 tons/hour, 400 tonnes per day, tonnes per month. Also start production of packaged peat, torfosmesi, soil, HUMATE potassium. Own deposits of peat, sapropel, the contract on cooperation with three major poultry farms. Interested in long-term contracts. Possible shipment of cars, railway and water transport. With respect and hope for mutually beneficial and long lasting cooperation! Vladimir Germanovich