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2018-08-08 12:10:20

Медведев Михаил Германович
+7 906 678 55 50
+7 473 250 93 93
обл Оренбургская
Сушильное оборудование
Цена договорная
We invite to cooperation of dealers 1. The dryer ATM W– the Russian equivalent of the English of the dryer Perry ( England) , which is one of the best dryers in the world. These dryers are time – tested for more than 6 years of sales in Russia. 2. Manufacturer country Russia – this gives you the opportunity to receive public subsidies and participate in other government programs. Including preferential crediting of agricultural enterprises of Russia. 3. Delivered more than 60 dryers in different regions. 4. Produced at the plant ATM in the city of Voronezh, which is included in the group of companies ATX. 5. The model range from 10 to 100 t/h. 6. During the entire time our engineers have made design changes, modified the dryer to our climate and to our environment. 7. Use only galvanized metal 1st class. 8. Additional equipment: heat exchangers, dust extraction system, silencers sound. 9. Work on all types of fuel. 10. Have warranty service and spare parts warehouse.